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Accurate pipeline monitoring with fiber optics.

Maximize data trust.
Minimize disruption.

GE Vigilant. In Collaboration with Hifi Engineering. Powered by Predix.

New Levels of Data Speed and Accuracy for Oil & Gas Pipeline Operators.

GE Vigilant displays insights in near real-time from a fiber optic sensor installed along the entire length of pipelines — processing terabytes of data in seconds. The intuitive application delivers actionable information for pipeline operations, not only to control rooms but also to mobile devices.

Greater sensitivity, enhanced data differentiation

Incidents can be interrogated with greater finesse using Vigilant's visualization of event dataflows because the application allows faster and more informed decision-making, reduces downtime, and improves confidence in pipeline integrity. The Vigilant approach allows for a higher degree of accuracy in event monitoring, which minimizes false positives but clearly highlights potential problems.

By removing 'grey data', control rooms can focus on incidents of genuine concern — and take appropriate and proportionate action with greater confidence and speed, giving operators and the general public alike more confidence in pipeline networks.

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GE Vigilant is particularly suited to pipeline operations where environmental sensitivity or close proximity to highly populated areas requires increased vigilance. The system offers real-time monitoring for preventative leak detection.

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